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How to stop Procrastinating

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So, my friends and family keep asking me, how's everything going Dajana?

Are you done with your song..? Have you started shooting a video for it?

And the answer is: No! No! No!

Why is that? Well, because Im very good at procrastinating. Actually I'm a PRO! And I know I'm not alone with this behavior! You know, When you've got a pile of stuff to do but instead watch netflix and surf around on the net. You do everything else BUT the things that needs to be done.

For example - Right now, I'm editing a video ironically called procrastinating. I recorded it few months ago with the thought that it would be the first song for the project..but what ended up being something totally different..And I just talked to a friend about this and how hard it was to focus and............wait a minute....... I was about to write a lot more things right now but...

It just hit me 🤔🥊

Maybe I’m procrastinating..like, freaking right now..? I mean writing this blog post NOW, ..when I was actually supposted to edit the video... But what I really should be doing was focusing on creating the #twlv songs.

OMG. 😵. Ok I need to go but first..

5 ways to finally stop procrastinating

.. I just had to watch some youtube videos and read a little about how I can stop this behavior, like asap, and here is 5 ways on how you can STOP procrastinating especially if you have ADHD like me:

  1. Get into the vibe/workmode. For me its cooling down, with just making tee and a good sandwich with a lot of butter and honey. That will give me the energy to focus and I get into the work mode feeling satisfied and calm.

  2. Make sure to switch your phone to flight mode, for obvious reasons!

  3. Set a timer. Tell yourself, today I will work for ex, 3 hours. Set a timer for every 30 minutes and take a 5-7 minutes break. And time the breaks aswell. I always need to set a timer when I start to work aswell, because I could go on forever. Discipline is a must here. (If you want me to write about how I learned how get more disciplined, like this post)

  4. One thing at a time, ALWAYS! Tip: Open up a document and write down the things you need to do, so you can visiualize it and then I just follow the list and mark the things you've done. Doing that you also get rewarded by seeing that you get things done. (Don't make the list to long, it to long)

  5. Have fun. This is important. Even if it is boring try to make it fun. For me it works with treating myself with cookies or candy while working so I feel good doing for example boring things. (I recommend working out in the gym every now and then, if you do this to often hahah)

To learn more, read/watch here👇

If you have adhd: https://www.additudemag.com/how-to-stop-procrastinating-right-now-when-you-have-adhd/

Other 5 ways to stop: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/how-be-yourself/201808/5-ways-finally-stop-procrastinating

"How to stop procrastinating" videos (Love that being on youtube tho🤦🏾‍♀️😅)



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Then get the hell back to work won't ya!!

/Well, I really need to go...creating that song now!! Tingeling!!🤠🐎

















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