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Sooo, the day has come. My debut EP is out today! Whooaaaaahh!!??

It wasn't really meant to be an EP, or songs under my own name even. However, when my label asked me if I wanted to release the songs as an artist, (and I'm challenging myself to release music and letting go of my control freakiness) I just had to say yes.

The name of the EP is Polyandry.

Wanna know what polyandry even means?

During this weekend you´ll be able to see me and some friends talking about polygamy! I´ll also explain the terms a bit more. It will be fun, check it out!

I believe the world would be a happier place if monogamy wasn't such a dominant norm. If we would challenge our egos and not let it rule us by letting go of the control over those we love. So let´s question why we do the shit that we do more!

Thanks also

to my partner for the inspiration <3

Follow the link down below to listen to the tracks!


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