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In my first episode on #Twlv "How getting sober changed my life" I talked about my every day routines. One thing I do every day is that I am writing down 3 things I'm thankful for and 3 affirmations in my dairy. And since I've been having a little internet detox break for the latest week to cleanse my brain, I thought that I could at least share this routine that really helped me to create a positive mindset and learn to appreciate things even when life is hard :)

So for today:

Im thankful for having food on my table. Im thankful that I gave myself the love to cook something real tasty and healthy to eat today, Im also thankful that the sun showed its face and spread some light today.


I am doing my best everyday and it is okay if my best didn't match up to my expectations.

I choose to find solutions to my problems.

I am a positive person

Tomorrow I'm going to do my meditation, work with the kids in the studio, go to my Thursday ADHD group meeting to learn some new cool stuff. I'm looking forward to waking up!

Goodnight :)

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