Im Dajana, a music composer, vocalist and addict who just got sober.

I pretty much went from a wake and bake, smoking since my early 20’s, not creating music  anymore, to “what the fuck happened?", shortly hitting 38 and my dreams flying out the window - type of wake up call. 2019 I hit rock bottom and realized I needed to make a change and take back the control over my life.

12 steps and 57 days later I'm now meditating every day, doing hot yoga and kickboxing.

I even went back to creating music again.

In AUG 15 I celebrated 1 year as sober by releasing my new music- vlog #TWLV where I will share my new life in sobriety, doing what I love - creating music (12 songs in 12 months) working on personal development and meeting inspiring people.

I will share my ups and downs (hopefully mostly ups) with you and, who knows, maybe I can inspire someone else to turn their life around.