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See Dajana at Epidemic Sounds new "Behind the sound" series on Youtube. In Episode 4 the artist Dajana invites content creator That Icelandic Guy over to her farm for a traditional Swedish Fika. Follow Dajana’s inspirational journey from contestant in the Swedish talent show Fame Factory to creating music surrounded by nature.



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Vocalist. Artist. Writer.

We all need a way to express ourselves. From early in the alternative artist, writer, and producer Dajana's life this has come through making music. While the identity issues that she experienced growing up and throughout her life have shaped her music, these are secondary elements within her music today. Now striving to be connected to the present, she is peeling back the layers to find her own authentic sound and an authentic vision of her true self. 


While her music is a contemporary blend of genres, a base current of soul and electro-pop melodies with organic elements that flow throughout her work. Her music is vocal-focused and has a natural rawness that stems from her singing in a lower range, not typical of many female artists.

On top of this, there is a captivating sense of genuine connectedness throughout her work. Even within her lighter tracks, there is a weight to her words. To Dajana this stems from that "the melodies that I make are an expression of my thoughts and feelings that I wouldn't be able to say. Making music is a very meditative and pure process for me".

Dajana got into music early and learned melodies by ear on the keyboard as a child. Her music career began through the Swedish talent show 'Fame Factory' - but subsequent releases put her into a box in the studio. Today she has reached a stage where her music comes straight from the heart, and she can present her true self to the world at last.

2022 will bring more singles and an upcoming EP. 

Latest music releases



The first step towards looking after yourself is loving yourself. Dajana puts this theory to the test on their new single 'Best For Me'. While they may have doubts along the way, Dajana's lyrics explore an unconditional love that will survive whatever disagreements put it to the test. The track's songwriting blends elements of ska, pop and RnB to produce a genre-blending track with an utterly unique feel. Catchy, spirit-lifting and soul-warming - this is perhaps their best track to date!


The music magazine Popmuzik pays tribute to Dajanas single 'What love do'



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